This is it - you're having a baby!

We see you running around because you think you need to. We offer a different choice. Doula care. Discrete care that leaves you feeling capable, accomplished, and ideally suited to approach your birth and first months of parenting. The overwhelm that comes from the newness and inescapable burden of responsibility is approached with skill, knowledge, and a sense of humour. We have all been programmed to believe we should be capable of doing this - THIS HUGE THING called parenthood - on our own. We know better. We aren't supposed to do this alone, and we shouldn't have to. National Capital Doulas have trusted experts who specialize in the transitions of growing a family. We nurture you in ways that build confidence and strength. We share insight that brings clarity. We encourage when it all seems impossible. We prepare a soft place to land that you can trust while being well cared for. We see you. We believe in you. And we help make it all feel easier.

We want families who will soon experience labour and postpartum recovery to consider a different way to move forward. A different kind of planning. A different set of options. We want you to feel seen, heard, and validated as you step into your new role. Yes, the opinions and judgments from everyone will still continue to press in on your world, but with a little bit of context, a little bit of nuance, and a lot of experience, your doulas will be one source you won't have to seek protection from. You will be the perfect parent for your child, and we will help you! Let us help make hard things more manageable, and simplify moments of overwhelm. National Capital Doulas are ready to help with the visible and invisible work in your future. We will hold our focus on you while keeping perspective of the larger world you want to build. We are Ottawa's premier doula agency, and we can't wait to show you the difference our care teams can make.

No matter where you plan to give birth, we’ve been there! We support clients at all local hospitals, both birth centres, and client's homes, with obstetricians, midwives, and general practitioners. Our postpartum doulas have worked alongside a number of leading Ottawa practitioners and developed extensive resources listings to aid our clients. We also offer the same great services virtually. Our virtual care is available to families in Ottawa and throughout North America.

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At National Capital Doulas we support you during one of your biggest life events and we want it to be a positive experience. See what some of our past clients are saying about us.

We felt so supported by all the doulas. They truly helped make our birthing experience a great one. They helped us feel prepared for what was ahead and always had answers to our questions.”

D.B. and F.B., first time parents

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Our doulas are highly trained and educated in all aspects of birth and postpartum. Our doulas are up to date on the current research and recommendations in order to ensure you have access to reliable information. Our birth and postpartum doulas regularly attend trainings to enhance their skills and expand their knowledge.

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