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January 26, 2016
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March 29, 2016

The Modern Doulas


Modern Doulas

At National Capital Doulas we pride ourselves on being modern doulas. What does that mean? It means a few things.

Up-to-Date Training

In order to stay current and as part of maintaining our certifications, we take trainings and courses when they come up. These can be classes offered by doula organizations or companies with something important to teach. We are continually learning new information and applying it. One thing that never changes is our dedication to our clients.

Inclusive Language

As modern doulas, we know that modern families are not always nuclear families. They don’t always include a mother, father, 2.1 kids and a dog. Modern families can be anything really – a single woman having a baby, a woman and her male partner using a surrogate, same sex couples… We strive to use inclusive language and not make assumptions about your family situation. We support all types of families. Modern families. Your family.

Maintaining Community Resources

We have our ears to the ground so to speak and always want to know what matters to families in Ottawa. We keep a list of current community resources that may be of interest to the families we work with. This includes things like free drop-ins for breastfeeding support, great classes to do with an infant, recommended chiropractors, osteopaths, and other professionals.

The National Capital Doula Advantage

We work as a team and approach doula care together. This means you, the client, receive the best care from three doulas. We share information, resources, and follow an on-call rotation. You can be assured that the doula who comes to your labour or your postpartum shift will be rested and fully able to focus on you. She will not be called out nor will she cancel.

When you hire National Capital Doulas, you are hiring professional and compassionate doulas that will do their absolute best for you. We offer education, support, and information.

We are

Modern Doulas for the Modern Family

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