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October 24, 2019
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Reflexology: What is it?

Andria Bell is part of our doula team, but did you know that she is also a Reflexologist and Reiki Master? Have you heard of reflexology? Andria shares what reflexology is and her journey to becoming a Reflexologist.

What is Reflexology?

Have you heard about reflexology? It is becoming more and more well known, but I get asked all the time what exactly it does. A reflexologist applies manual pressure to your feet, or occasionally hands, ears and back. By doing so we are using Zone Theory* to engage your parasympathetic nervous system to guide your body toward areas that are imbalanced. The goal is to remove restrictions so your body can attain homeostasis**. Simply, there are points in your feet that relate to the organs and glands and by stimulating them a reflexologist tells your body to become relaxed and focus on areas that may need attention. Reflexology can help with anxiety and mood. It can also aid other modalities and medications by helping to reduce negative side effects and increase the benefits.  It can also be used to help with chronic pain.

Reflexology Chart

My Story

Seeing my friends and family dealing with things and falling through the cracks in the system is how I got into this as a career. I was dealing with mental health issues as were my children. While we did find some support for some issues I looked further and came to reflexology and energy work.  My husband is a chiropractor so body work has always been a huge part of our lives. I personally saw improvement after my first couple of sessions. My own experiences with reflexology ignited a passion and I started down my educational path. After beginning my training I often practised on my daughter. She loved it and soon after was asking for reflexology all the time. I knew I was on the right track!

After my primary training I began sessions for friends and then offered through my business. I saw everyone improving and seeing progress when seeing me every 2-3 weeks. Eventually I found I could go monthly and have the same benefit, and I believe that will be less as I go.  As long as I stay healthy and have no major injuries I can go back whenever suits me.

Your Reflexology Needs

Taking care of yourself and your needs is a click away. I offer in home mobile service through my business, Soul Sprout, as well as services within my home clinic space. I am always happy to answer any questions and for us to work together to develop an individualized care plan! Expect sessions to be 45-60 minutes in length.

Ottawa Postpartum Doula Andria Bell

*”Reflex zone therapy is where the body is divided into ten longitudinal zones from head to toe. In the reflex zone therapy, there are five zones on both sides of the body in which each zone diverge down the particular arm, and also continue straight down the body and down the particular leg to line up with a toe on the respective foot. Practitioners usually choose the suitable technique to be applied to the reflex zone therapy to gain optimized efficiency and impact.” Embung, N et al, ‘Revisiting reflexology: Concept, evidence, current practice, and practitioner training’, Journal of Traditional and Complementary Medicine, vol 5, issue 4, pp 197-206

**Homeostasis is stability or equilibrium maintained within an organism or body.

Andria Bell Birth Doula, SPD, CBC, Reiki Master and Reflexologist. Andria can be reached to book reflexology and Reiki treatments by visiting her website, Soul Sprout. You can also visit her on Facebook and Instagram to learn more.

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