Postpartum Doula Support: What Is It

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Postpartum Doula Support: What Is It

What is Postpartum Doula Support

Postpartum doula support – what is it and what do you need to know? We’re glad you asked because we love to talk about what we do. Postpartum doulas are a readily available information source, coming from training, skill, and experience, that is given openly to you without being prefaced with a bunch of “you should”. We’re listeners, we’re teachers, we’re confidants, we’re confidence builders. We’re there beside you as move through those early days, weeks, and months of parenting. We are abreast of the latest research and guidelines on infant care, infant feeding, and baby gear. We can help break things down for you so they don’t feel overwhelming. We’re a trusted source and we care about you.

The doulas on the National Capital Doulas postpartum doula team are all trained by long standing organizations. We’ve worked with many families and we know what helps make things easier. We are skilled in caring for new parents and their babies from birth through the first year postpartum. We assist with a number of tasks:

  • infant soothing
  • help with infant feeding
  • normalizing infant behaviour and sleep and helping you develop strategies for sleeping
  • household tasks
  • snack and meal prep
  • to simply having a knowledgeable adult in the home so you can rest and take care of your individual needs

That list is by no means exhaustive – we’re there for you so you don’t have to worry about your baby. It’s amazing the difference a nap and a hot shower can make to how you feel. We’re also an open minded resource that is there to hear you, see you, and walk alongside you while you find out who you are as a parent.

When Should You Contact Us

That’s another great question. The short answer is as soon as you have the thought that you may want extra help after your baby is born. The long answer is we encourage people to reach out whenever you decide you need or want the help, but it’s not always that simple. We’re a great team, and we always endeavour to do what we can to provide support to families that need it, but we book up and there are times when we just won’t be able to meet the needs of everyone reaching out to us. More and more families are reaching out to postpartum doulas to fill the gap in their village of support. The earlier you contact us the more availability we will have and the more likely it is that we can meet your postpartum care needs. We can also help you prep for your baby’s arrival if you hire us while you are still pregnant.

What Postpartum Doula Services Do You Offer

We have a range of postpartum doula services that we have curated for our client families, offering postpartum shifts during the daytime, evening, and overnights. The First Nights is a specialized package giving you access to in home preparation while you are still pregnant and an experienced doula home with you within the first couple of nights after your baby’s birth. Our small, transitional package of 12 hours is a great place to start and helps you find your feet as parents while you heal from birth. If you book our large package of 100+ hours you will enjoy a special hourly rate. This is a great option for those wanting overnight postpartum care.

What Is The NCD Postpartum Doula Team

At National Capital Doulas we have a team approach to care, meaning we work together to support the families we work with. Working as a team means we are a resource for each other when it comes to answering your questions and helping you with whatever you may be dealing with. It also gives you access to greater flexibility in booking and greater availability. Behind the scenes we have systems in place to make everything seamless between the doulas so there are no interruptions to your care. You can rest easy knowing each doula was carefully chosen to be part of this team.

What Do We Do Next

The next steps are really easy. Drop us a line through our contact form or email us directly. Let us know when you anticipate your baby and we’ll answer all of your questions. Our intake process is simple and easily done from any device. We’ll set you up with our team and access to a library of carefully created resources. Once your baby is born we’ll step in and take care of you.

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