Postpartum Doula Support Makes Your First Night

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January 24, 2017
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I wish I had known about postpartum doulas and overnight care when I had my first baby. I’ll take you through what our first night home looked like…

We were finally discharged from the hospital after five days. Yep, you heard correctly – five days. Between the induction and the time afterwards, a baby that was sleepy and didn’t want to nurse, me not having a clue… suffice it to say I was a hot mess. I was exhausted, my body was a wreck and my emotions were in overdrive.

The three of us climbed in to the car, my husband driving and me in the back with our son to make the slow crawl home. There’s something about driving with your new baby for the first time that turns even the most assertive driver into the slowest, most paranoid thing on the road. The usual 10 minute drive home took us about 30. We made it home, got inside the house with our son still in his carseat and looked at each other. We were both wearing the same bleary, what the hell do we do now expressions on our faces.

That night was the longest night of my life. I slept a total of one hour. We had the first well baby appointment the following day and our doctor took my husband aside and told him that whatever it took, I needed sleep. I was delirious. The sleep deprivation was unlike anything I had ever experienced and I’d pulled many an all nighter at university cramming for finals.

A first night home like that, and the way we felt, was not unique to us.

Working as birth and postpartum doulas we hear stories like this over and over again. It doesn’t have to be that way. Instead you can have a professional National Capital Doulas postpartum doula meet you at home for your first evening. She’ll spend that first night home with you. She’ll make sure you eat dinner, that you always have something to drink, that you’re able to lie down and go to the bathroom. She’ll reassure you, she’ll coach you through what your baby is doing, explain what your baby is doing and why and provide you with tools to soothe your baby. She’ll help you feed your baby. She’ll really hear you and be there, just for you. As an added bonus you’ll receive an in home postpartum planning session before your baby arrives.

The postpartum doulas at National Capital Doulas know what it is to experience those firsts – in all their wonder, their joy and their ability to overwhelm. We created The First Night because it doesn’t have to be a gong show.

Visit National Capital Doulas to learn more about the postpartum doula support packages we have available for families in the Ottawa and surrounding areas. Contact us to book The First Night postpartum care package for yourself or a loved one.

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