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Breastfeeding is natural

You’ve heard that we’re sure. Sure it is, if we’re talking in biological terms. Unfortunately babies don’t get that memo and neither do our breasts. We have to figure it out. For some it’s straightforward from first latch, for others it’s more like a roller coaster ride. It’s great when it’s going well but when it’s not you kinda want to toss your cookies. Issues arise whenever and wherever which can present their own set of problems.

Here you are

It’s Saturday and things are up with breastfeeding. What do you do? Nothing is open until Monday at the earliest and arranging for or maybe even paying for an in home consult isn’t an option, even if you were able to get in touch with someone. We all know nothing happens with breastfeeding on the weekend, right?!

We’ve been you and because of that our new baby was born. Welcome to The Mom Lounge a Sunday breastfeeding peer support group offered by National Capital Doulas. We know there is need for something to be available to women every day of the week.

It takes a village

The group is led by an experienced Certified Lactation Counselor and is for women, just like you. All moms are welcome at The Mom Lounge. We’re not just moms, we’re women and we need to hear from others that things get better. We’re women who want to hear from other women about things to try (or not try), women who want the security of a safe space for sharing and encouraging other women. It doesn’t matter if this is baby #1 or baby #5, if you’ve nursed for 3 days or 3 years you belong here and you will enrich the experience for yourself and for others. It really can take a village to figure out mothering and feeding. Talking, laughing together and being there to support one another leaves everyone with much to gain.

Join us

Sundays from 1-3, at the warm and beautiful Robertson Therapy & Counselling offices at 2081 Merivale Road, Suite 800. Our first group will meet on Sunday, January 8th, 2017. You don’t need to register, but we do collect a small $5 fee because we’ll take care of nourishing you while you nourish your baby.

We like to talk

Questions are always welcome. You can reach us at

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