Locally Made Baby Gear: Our Favourite Things

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Locally Made Baby Gear: Our Favourite Things

Baby and toddler gear – having worked with hundreds of families as postpartum doulas plus raising our own we’ve handled a lot of baby gear. There is some great stuff out there but nothing quite reaches the level of some of the locally made baby gear. There’s so much to be said for the attention to detail, the attention to quality, safe materials, and the knowing what people need that comes with being a parent themselves.

Locally Made Baby Gear

People often turn to local businesses for their goods and services and that feels even more important now. Being parents ourselves we’re excited about the things they’re offering to families, and we know the challenges with being a mompreneur. Here are a few of our favourite local mom makers. Check them out and remember them the next time you need to buy something for your baby or a gift for a friend, relative or coworker.

Down The Rabbit Hole

Martine is a local mom of 3 young children. This gives her a great perspective on what babies need, what they interact with, and what parents are looking for. She makes a variety of chewlery and teethers for babies, children with sensory needs, and for their caregivers. She makes silicone based and wooden teethers with or without loveys. The chewlery includes zipper pulls, necklaces, bracelets, and more. These make great gifts for friends and coworkers, but we want to make special mention of a beautiful baby interactive toy she creates, the Down the Rabbit Hole Wooden Play Gym.

Down the Rabbit Hole Wooden Play Gym with 3 playstrings
Wooden Play Gym

Check out the Wooden Play Gyms! These are must haves! Made from quality materials, with baby safe acrylic paints. You can customize your gym with paint colours and different play strings. These types of interactive toys are wonderful for gross and fine motor development and engaging your baby. These would compliment any nursery or room décor.

Down the Rabbit Hole Wooden Play Gym with 3 playstrings and lilac paint on the legs
Different options available!

A Mom and Her Drill

Kaila is another Ottawa based mompreneur who makes one of my toddler’s favourite things – learning towers. A Mom and Her Drill learning towers are well made, sturdy, and customizable.

If you haven’t heard of them before learning towers are a means of an older baby, toddler or preschooler joining in with kitchen activities. The tower allows for them to climb up, while being safely supported. They can then stand and take part in family baking, cooking, sink play, or other fun counter activities. They’re perfect in the bathroom for children to make those first forays into brushing their own teeth, and puts them at sink height for washing their hands. All of this done while standing on a platform that has safety features built in.

Kaila now offers a “Grow With Me” version of her learning tower which has an adjustable safety bar and a platform that allows for extending the height as your baby grows taller.

A Mom and Her Drill learning tower and Grow With Me tower side by side
Learning Tower and “Grow With Me” Tower

We have one of Kaila’s towers and our toddler loves it. He moves it all over the lower part of our home to join in family activities.

Bundle Baby

Natalie is the brains behind Bundle Baby. Natalie is a mom of three and also a Child Passenger Safety Technician. She’s combined her car seat safety know how with her knowledge of what parents need for their children in our cold weather months.

It is a common struggle for local parents to know what they can put on their toddler to keep them warm in the winter, while also being sure they are safe in their car seats. We have one word for you – poncho. The Bundle Baby Car Seat Poncho is the product to have on hand for winter. Your child will stay snuggled and warm, while not adding bulk behind them in their seat. These ponchos are great for everyday cold weather use and use in strollers.

Natalie also makes the 3-in-1 Blanket which moves between car seat, carrier and stroller for warmth in all devices. The blanket sits over the harness, baby’s arms come through so the blanket won’t move off of them. As with the poncho this means there is no bulk between your baby and their car seat.

Bundle Baby 3-in-1 blanket - keep babies warm from car seat to stroller to carrier

We love what these Ottawa moms are up to. It combines the things we hold dear – local craftsmanship, enterprising moms, and baby gear you will actually need and use. This locally made baby gear is a must have.

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