Birth Doula Services

We have two different labour and birth support packages depending on your needs.

Our basic package is perfect for the person who has been there done that and our package with more prenatal and postnatal support is great for first time parents or families looking for something more. Our unique approach allows us to accept clients in every stage of pregnancy so it's never too early or late to hire National Capital Doulas to support you for the birth of your baby.

National Capital Doulas offers each client the expertise, care and support of our experienced birth doulas. During the prenatals and comfort measures you will meet and get to know your doula and her dedicated back up. They will also get to know you, what your preferences are and how they can provide you with what you need most. Your birth doula will also come to your home following your baby's birth to follow up with you, answer your questions, and ensure you're settling into parenthood. Set up a complimentary meeting today.

Our unique structure ensures you will always know and have built a relationship with the doula that supports you on your baby's birth day. It also provides you with access to a wealth of knowledge and experience to pull from. We look forward to being by your side during this transformative time in your life.

Both birth support packages include

telephone and email support * access to our extensive lending library * on call from the time the deposit and signed agreement are received * a review of comfort measures, birth planning and infant feeding information * TENS unit access * continuous support during labour and birth

Package A - $850 + HST

For the experienced parent

  • one prenatal visit
  • hands on comfort measures session
  • one postnatal visit within the first five days after the birth

Package B - $1050 + HST

For first time parents or those looking for more support

  • two prenatal visits
  • hands on comfort measures session
  • one postnatal visit within the first five days after the birth
  • continued email and phone support for four weeks after the birth

Postpartum Support

For parents wishing extra guidance and support after their baby's birth we provide Postpartum Doula support. This service can be booked before or after your baby's birth. This can also be added on to existing birth packages or booked independently.

Service Location

Service Location

We support clients living throughout the greater Ottawa, Outaouais, and neighbouring communities.


We accept payment in cash, cheque, email money transfer, and credit cards.

Why buy when you can rent?

TENS Rental - $50

Increase your level of comfort during labour with an ObiTENS machine. The ObiTENS is designed specifically for women in labour and is small, portable and very easy to use.

The rental includes the TENS unit, cords, pads, extra batteries, and instructions. We will deliver it to you at 37 weeks and pick it up after your labour.

Birth Pool Rental - $200

A lot of women will tell you that labouring in water is great. Water envelops you and helps you relax while your body labours.

This rental includes the inflatable pool, disposable liner, fitted cover, electric inflate/deflate pump, submersible drainage pump, filling hose, emptying hose, faucet adaptor, thermometer, tarp, cleaning wipes, and instructions. We will deliver the pool at 38 weeks and pick it up after your labour.

Prices subject to HST


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