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March 13, 2017
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November 7, 2017
Why you need more than one doula

When Amie Scharfe and I first met in 2012 we were both pretty new to the birth world. We hit it off right away, and we often talked about our solo doula businesses, and how we could provide better service to our clients while balancing the demands of birth work and family life. Being a birth doula means living your life “on-call” and that can very challenging.

Why You Need More Than One Doula

Additional Services

As each of us delved deeper into birth we recognized that many of our clients wanted access to additional services like education, placenta encapsulation, or postpartum doula support. Amie and I often talked about wanting to expand the services we offered our clients but it is very difficult to offer a childbirth education class when you know you might have to cancel because you have to go to a birth.

Birth of NCD

Over the next few years Amie and I operated our solo doula businesses, but whenever we’d get together, we’d often talk about how to offer more support and service to clients. National Capital Doulas was born from those ideas and the goals we set for ourselves as professional doulas.

Solo Doulas

Birth is unpredictable to say the least, and during our years as solo doulas, Amie and I have each missed our share of important dates, holidays and special occasions. I missed my son’s first day of kindergarten because I was at a birth. Or the Christmas morning I flew out the door while the kids were ripping into presents.

Team Approach

At NCD, we share the on-call life between us, and switch off so that holidays and special occasions can still be enjoyed with our families, while still guaranteeing our clients their doula will be ready for them no matter when they call. Our team approach has allowed us to be there for our families when they need us, (hello, flu season!) and still provide clients with a caring doula who is able to focus solely on them and their needs on their special birth day.

Our birth doulas work in pairs and both spend time getting to know couples, helping to educate and prepare them for the big day. Couples never have to worry that their doula might be sick, at another birth, exhausted because she was at another birth earlier in the day, or otherwise unable to support them. You can rest easy with the guarantee that your National Capital Doula is always ready to be by your side.

Teams for Postpartum Support

Our postpartum clients benefit from this shared approach as well. Our administrative system is set up so that after every shift, doulas can record their notes and pass on important information about the issues a new mom is facing. In this way we get to know what each client’s preferences and needs are. From a mom’s own recovery, to baby’s feeding and weight gain, to baby wearing to meal preferences, our team approach allows us to pool our collective knowledge and experiences to provide new parents with current, relevant, and non-judgemental support. No matter which doula arrives for a postpartum shift, she’s able to pick up where the last doula left off with household help, meal prep, and baby care.

Modern Doulas for the Modern Family

You can hire a doula, or you can hire a whole team of experienced, compassionate, and supportive doulas to provide you with a variety of services from education and rentals, to birth and postpartum support, to help with baby feeding and newborn care. This is a modern approach for today’s modern family.

Contact NCD today and find out how we can help ease you through this exciting time.

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